Modalal Group is the result of efforts of several generations of a family and a leader in various fields of industry, agriculture, mining and trade, which has always tried to serve the economy and the dear people of our land, Iran.


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About Modalal

We have been providing various products and services at the highest level to the worthy Iranian society for nearly 7 decades by using expert and experienced manpower.


The transformative leadership of the industry relying on creativity, respect and creating shared value


Using the most up-to-date technologies in the industry, as well as relying on expert and experienced human capital, Madalal Group is committed to producing and providing the highest quality products and services to all levels of the Iranian society.

Organizational values


Respect for employees, customers and the decent society of Iranians, along with respect for the environment and all stakeholders and non-stakeholders, is at the heart of all the company’s activities.


Innovation and creativity in order to improve the quality of life of customers and beneficiaries from the seed to the kitchen are at the center of all the company’s activities. creating shared value It connects the elements of property, expertise, business opportunities in the society and social needs and tries to benefit all the stakeholders of the organization by creating a common value between these axes and the society.

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